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‘Bringing sustainable tourism practices to every destination we touch.’


Lotus DMC began with a dream of tourism that fuels progress and development at tourist destinations. We saw evolving villages, better schools, superior education and hope for a fruitful future for the community.

What we have done

  • Lotus DMC created the MAN08 excursion at the New Manglaore port. The excursion became popular and cruise ships like AIDA and COSTA incorporated the cruise into their itinerary. The Bengre village received a spot on the cruise tourism map. The schools and the village’s children became a part of the excursion. 

  • Lotus DMC formed a society with local partners and the people of the village. A portion of the income raised by the tours was set aside as a contribution towards the society. 

  • The village school was built in the year 1919 and was in a dilapidated condition. We rebuilt it and also put together a ‘smart classroom’ that has a computer and audio-video capabilities. The smart classroom was inaugurated on the 18th of February 2020. 

  • The children were taken on-board the AIDA ships as a ship tours. The happiness and joy seen on the children’s faces were enough rewards. This was something never done before. Cruise ships like COSTA and NeoClassic have replicated the ship tours with success.partners to ensure continued good work for the community. We hope to replicate this success at other tourist destinations too.

Future Programmes

  • Lotus DMC plans to install solar panels to ensure cost effective, clean and constant supply of electricity.

  • We shall continue to work with the society and our cruise partners to ensure continued good work for the community.

  • We hope to replicate this success at other tourist destinations too.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is all about conducting sustainable tours. It provides enjoyable experiences for tourists through meaningful connections with people, and a greater understanding of vivid cultures, societies and environments. Responsible Tourism encourages tour operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists to take responsibility to make tourism more sustainable. It aims to reduce economic, environmental and social impacts. It also emphasises on conservation of natural and cultural heritage.


Top Travel Companies in India have been entrusted with serious corporate social responsibilities. Every corporate member has a responsibility towards the largest section of our society and they are liable to follow the standards expected of them. Corporate Social Responsibility plays a very important role in the tourism industry. Fair, transparent and ethical conduct is expected from corporates like never before. At Lotus DMC, we are committed to acting as per government reckoning for poverty reduction, education, health, environmental sustainability, gender quality and vocational skill development.

Bangre village tour

Our initiative of a village excursion to Bangre, in Nepal contributed to the development of the village during consecutive visits. We had also arranged an on board visit for underprivileged students of Bangre School, which was a unique gesture of compassion in this part of the world. Along with this, we also initiated planting trees in the village adhering to our commitment to sustainable tourism. We also arranged on board visits for under privileged children at New Mangalore. We are one of the few tour operators engaged in sustainable & responsible tourism programs.

We focus on:
• Creating new excursions which assist in sustainable development of rural villages
• Facilitating social empowerment by engaging all sections of society
• Creating employment opportunities
• Improving and sustaining natural resources
• Enhancing biodiversity

Let the beauty of your inner self bloom just as a bud of a pure lotus does.

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